HTSA have today emailed the Football League regarding the abandoned Blackpool fixture on 02/05/2015.

The email asks for a response to the statement issued by HTSA chairman Stephen King last week (15/05/2015).

HTSA will publish any reply received

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“Free Draw”


Last week’s winning “Free Draw” number, 26411, belonged to S Moorhouse but it was not claimed by 19:08 on Friday 22nd May.  This means that this week’s prize now stands at £100 and the winning “Free Draw” number for this week is published in The Examiner on Thursday 28th May 2015.  If this number is one of the three numbers printed on your HTSA membership card please send details of your full name and postal address by text to 07725036109 or by email to to receive your £100 cheque by return of post.

Terms and conditions apply and the HTSA Committee’s decision will be final.  Please visit our HTSA-online website for details about membership and the “Free Draw”.  If this week’s prize is not claimed then the cash will roll over to next week.  Make sure that you are in with a chance of winning next week by renewing your membership if it has expired.

Now dig out your membership card, it could be worth £100!

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Huddersfield Town Supporters Association (HTSA) Chairman, Stephen King has today made the following statement as a result of the Football League’s statement yesterday (see link:


“HTSA are bitterly disappointed, extremely frustrated and very angry with the statement/ruling by the Football League in relation to Huddersfield Town’s (HTFC) abandoned fixture with Blackpool (BFC).


“The Football League state that points should be earned on the pitch.  Unfortunately HTFC were not afforded an opportunity to earn the points on the pitch and therefore we feel this outcome is unfair and unjust on both HTFC and more importantly its supporters


“BFC failed to control their supporters and have thus benefited by gaining 1 point.  In future games we feel that supporters of other teams may be tempted to do the same (pitch invasion resulting in a game being abandoned) which of course sets a dangerous precedent


“We would also like to put on record our disappointment with Lancashire Police.  At no point did any officer attempt to stop anyone entering the field of play,  remove anyone who entered the field of play, or arrest anyone on the field of play.  In our opinion this factor led to the referee making his decision to abandon the game so as a consequence they are at fault also.  As far as we are aware, it is a criminal offence to enter the field of play at a football stadium.  We intend to find out why Lancashire Police failed on the day


“We find it hard to understand the thought processes initiated to arrive at this outcome.  The fact that our magnificent supporters (who behaved impeccably and with great restraint under the circumstances) are still in limbo about any form of compensation is frankly disgusting.  Aside from the price of the match ticket there were other significant costs incurred by traveling supporters that need addressing by the authorities


“The Football League needs to reconsider this decision”


Stephen King



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HTSA – Examiner Column for 07/05/15 – Trev Whitehead

Quite a bizarre end to the season but Huddersfield Town, and their supporters, can hold their heads high.  A number of people have been in touch with the supporters’ association asking us to let it be known how impressed they were by the conduct of the Terriers’ supporters who were present at Bloomfield Rd on Saturday.  In a less than desirable end to our ‘playing season’, and an ignominious end to Blackpool’s time in the Championship, the Huddersfield supporters showed great restraint.

Blackpool Supporters’ Trust has already congratulated the many football fans who attended the “Fans United” march and protest prior to the game.  The passion of these supporters was matched only by their impeccable behaviour throughout the proceedings.  The pitch invasion during the game may have been pre-planned but it was never part of the official protests.  The Tangerines have suffered a calamitous decline in the fortunes of their club and their sense of desperation was plain to see.

There is now just a week in which to exert what pressure we can on the FA as they decide the outcome of the game.  HTSA would like to know your thoughts on; the allocation of points, the refunding of any ticket money or even the sanctions that may be imposed on Blackpool FC and its supporters.  If you have any views that you feel the FA should take into consideration please contact Robert Pepper (details below).

The banners calling for Blackpool chairman, Karl Oyston, to step down caused many Town supporters to reflect upon their own good fortune.  As match commentators, Gareth Jones and Keiran O’Regan, struggled to make conversation the radio could not hide the chants of the Blackpool supporters.  This was in sharp contrast to Terriers’ fans as they sang the praises of Dean Hoyle.  Dean’s ‘good housekeeping’ has allowed the club to consolidate its position as a Championship League club and establish the John Smiths’ Stadium as a much more attractive proposition for players.  HTSA would like to congratulate all those players who have been retained for Season 2015/16.  Sadly, some players will be leaving the club but we wish them well for the future and thank them for their contributions and effort over the last twelve months.

The winning number in last week’s “HTSA Free Draw” was 54342 and it belonged to S Heppenstall.  However it was not claimed by 19:08 on Friday 1st May.  This means that this week’s prize now stands at £70.

Today’s winning “Free Draw” number is in today’s Examiner.  If this number is one of the three numbers printed on your HTSA membership card please send details of your full name and postal address by text to 07725036109 or by email to before 19:08 on Friday 8th May and you will receive your £70 cheque by return of post.  Likewise, if you have any queries about the “Free Draw” please contact Trev Whitehead (as above).

There is another big win awaiting a lucky HTSA member on the coach to our first away game of the 2015/16 season.  The “Travel Draw” for this game will be £220.

Many thanks to all those supporters who have expressed an interest in the Museum Project that was mentioned in last week’s column.  If you would like to get involved please get in touch with Trev Whitehead on 07725036109 or email

Finally, do not forget our “International Five-a-Side” tournament at PPG Canalside on Saturday, May 23rd2015.  For more details, or to confirm your entries, please contact Robert Pepper by email on or text him on 07798727782.

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