…wall with scarfHTSA, JAK Coaches and the Pepper Army. The scarfHTSA coach will leave the John Smith’s Stadium at 08:00 am on Saturday, 7th February. Prices: £19:50 (scarfHTSA members), £21:50 ( thumbsdownNon-members). Details are also provided on; our website – www.htsa-online.co.uk, Facebook ( scarfHTSA) and Twitter ( scarf@officialhtsa). Please telephone or text 07905580784 in order to book your seat.
Congratulations and commiserations to C Clemson (£120), S Devey (£60) and C Dymond (£30). They were all winners in last week’s scarfHTSA Free Draw. Unfortunately, not being present on the coach to Wigan, they were unable to collect their winnings so the fund now carries over to £130 for the trip to Millwall.

The scarfHTSA Free Draw began in August 2013 and has paid out £360 from a possible prize fund of over £1,600. Don’t miss out on your chance in the Free Draw. Make sure that you are booked on to the scarfHTSA/JAK coach by texting/telephoning 07905580784. You can also book seats by calling in at the scarfHTSA cabin this Saturday where you can enjoy a pre-match hot drink as well as a “natter” with John wave Sealey and Bob  worship Pepper.

All HTSA members travelling to Millwall on the JAK coach will be in with a chance of winning £130 in the ‘HTSA Free Draw’.  Make sure that you do not miss out!  A list of all previous winners can be found in the Travel Section of the HTSA-online website.

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Roll up, roll up – get yourself booked on the HTSA coach to Wigan Athletic.
The match is on Saturday 24th January 2015.

HTSA members travelling on the coach will be in with a chance of winning £120 in the ‘Free’ draw

Departure time is 12.15pm for a 3.00pm kick off. The coach leaves from the Stadium, and priced at only £11.00 for HTSA members, and £13.00 for non members.
Details are also provided on social media sites Facebook (HTSA) and Twitter (@officialhtsa)
To book a place, please text or telephone 07905 580784.

We look forward to your continued support!

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PRESENT: Rachael Gomersall (RG) Steve King (SK)
Robert Pepper (RP) James Fryer (JF)
Andy Pollard (AP) Sian Patrick (SP)
John Sealey (JS) Trevor Whitehead (TW)
Stephen Booth (SB)

No apologies
2. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING – Accepted as read.


• Statue and Memorabilia – Meeting took place between TW, SB and a lady from the Heritage Council in Leeds to enquire about applying for funding for a Museum / to have Statue as part of the Heritage Project (through the Heritage Lottery fund)
HTSA would be expected to donate around 5% however it was felt that we would have a stronger case if this was not purely football based.
The lady who TW and SB saw had an idea to have a Museum on a double decker bus – where it could be taken round the community
The following topics were also raised:-

• Setting up a subsidiary company to get memorabilia, statue and museum
• Applying for a smaller grant in order to setup memorabilia
• Creating a ‘Virtual’ museum on the internet and see how many hits it gets (as an initial way of measuring interest)
• Renaming of Stadium Way to Herbert Chapman Way



SLO – The Football League paid for the Supporters Direct expert on SLO’s to come over from Germany (where he is based) plus another SLO from Sweden to give advice as to how SLO’s should operate
There was a meeting held (where Anne Hough from HTFC was listed however we do not know if she attended). RP is going to speak to Anne and try and gain feedback.

Topic of greater involvement / running of supporters at football clubs as part of the Labour party, and other parties manifestos.
RP had a meeting with Nigel Clibbens and about fan ownership and engagement and advised that we would go back to the club with a list of Supporter Groups for HTFC



Fulham trip was disastrous in terms of assistance from Fulham stewards helping disabled and less able Town fans.

RG did a marvellous job in terms of giving assistance to these fans – she spoke to the disability officer at Fulham and went through the procedure, the disability SLO failed to help and was not forthcoming in getting the disabled Town fans back to the coaches after the match so RG took on the task.

We are in the process of documenting the problems as fully as possible and have invited Fulham FC to make their own comments. We are also conferring with the Football Supporters Federation to ascertain how widespread these experiences are.
RP to contact Amanda Jacks at the FSF about this
RG advises that she was informed where some fans had purchased tickets first, these were the worst view in the ground
Ongoing thanks to TW and RG for their tireless work on Travel


HTSA has donated £100 to the Isaac Nash Trust and also became a dedicated charity partner.
There are still Isaac Nash wristbands for sale at £1 each


JS has emailed a copy of the Finance Summary breakdown for the last 3 months to committee members.
JS is keen to do finances with online banking in future


PR overall

It is RP’s intention to relinquish HTSA duties next year
It is SK’s intention to relinquish HTSA duties next year

Committee stressed to both SK and RP how much of an important role they play and have therefore asked them both to re-consider – they suggested that they would re-consider and will try to come to some arrangement

Supporters Direct are enrolling courses – RP has more info

TW gives thanks for sprucing up the cabin
Cabin rota was discussed


JS asked TW about old Leeds Road seats

JS to ask the MD of PPG via Sean Jarvis for some paint for the seats

9. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – 8th December 2014.

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Ever fancied owning a bit of the club’s heritage?

Well now you can, because Huddersfield YMCA Rugby Union club are offering the chance for anyone to snap up seats from the old Town ground at Leeds Road.

In 1994 a new stand was under construction at YMCA’s Laund Hill complex, and the then chairman Peter Ruddiman, along with Maurice Mosley, Malcolm Eastwood and Steve Metcalfe and host of volunteers managed to gain access to the Leeds Road ground as the wrecking balls were swinging and knocking down the main stand to salvage 500 seats before they were burnt, saving a little bit of history before it was lost for ever.

The seats were then re-painted in the club’s red colour and installed in the stand.

Over the years however, wear and tear took its toll, but they are still rock solid.

The club have now secured 600 seats from the Don Valley stadium, and are replacing the old Town seats as part of the refurbishment of the stand, but it would be a shame if some of Town’s history would be lost to the fans forever!

As an amateur club the YM need to raise funds, so are offering Town fans the opportunity to buy the seats (which come in multiples of 3 seats joined together).

The club would like to get £45 per set, as this would them help offset the costs of refurbishment, but would consider any reasonable offer.

Anyone interested in a part of Huddersfield Town’s history should contact Tom Sanderson or Stephen King (HTSA), who will then get in touch with you when they are available for collection.

Tom can be reached on 07547 454939 or E mail. bfbsanderson@gmail.com
Steve’s number is 07753 634298 or E mail chair@htsa-online.co.uk

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