Official Notice

Notice is hereby given that the seventh Annual General Meeting of the Huddersfield Town Supporters Society Limited (known as Huddersfield Town Supporters Association) will be held at PPG Canalside, Leeds Road, Huddersfield, HD2 1YJ at 7:30 pm on Monday October 12th 2015 for the following purposes:-

 1.                Receive the Revenue Account and Balance Sheet for the previous financial period. (y/e 31st May 2015)

2.                Approve the re-appointment of Wheawill & Sudworth as auditors.

3.                Approve the election and re-election of directors.

4.                Receive a report on the Society’s performance in the previous period.

5.                AOB.


Robert Pepper, Secretary

Dated:         27th August 2015

The AGM will be followed by a Q&A session led by David Mallin, Chairman of Huddersfield Town Ladies, and members of the first team squad.

This is an opportunity for Town supporters to learn something about the other Town team, hoping to increase their support in the wake of this summer’s success by the national side at the Women’s World Cup in Canada.

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HTSA/HTFC Meeting 19th August 2015


- How many season cards sold in the South Stand so far?


- Can transfers be done on the gate in the South Stand instead of at ticket office?

Last season we were able to offer free transfers from all areas and offer a dedicated turnstile. At the moment in the South Stand to allow at turnstile transfers, we would have to have a dedicated turnstile for transfers. This would reduce the number of entry points for Season Card holders and extend queuing time. To date inter-stand transfer have been sufficient to warrant that.  It is something we will keep under review and reconsider if transfer numbers continue to rise.

- Is it possible for the team to shoot towards the South Stand in the second half?

Boothy advised it is a matter of captain’s preference and it has been the same since Stadium opened.  He would raise this with the players and revert back.

- After a discussion on ticket booking fees, HTSA suggested that season card holders booking fees on away tickets could be waivered?

We are looking at ticket booking fees and other related issues as discussed in our meeting and the Q&A at PPG Canalside with Dean

- Could there be branding on the back green wall in the South Stand?

The green wall, despite it being blank is still part of the John Smiths branding which they pay for and therefore no flags/banners/other can be put over it

- Could any of the NSL flags which are not being used in the South Stand could go back in to the FM Lower?

Subject to pratical consideration the club had no objection. Consideration would be needed as to which flags, who would be responsible for putting them out and taking back in? Other considerations were the need to avoid obscuring advertising. Idea to be developed further and then if practical discussed with the Events Panel.

- Why is there no Under 8s price category on match days?

There hasn’t been an under 8 price category on match days for a number of seasons.

Identifying or proving age at the turnstiles slows down admission considerably and is not practical.

Queuing time is  consistent issue for fans.

The combination of Season Card pricing and walkup prices act as  an incentive to purchase a season cards for under 8s which is available at between £30- £37. (less than £2 per game)

- Why is Under 8s Cat A £10 and Cat B £5?

This reflects the difference in opposition between the categories

- Can the Family Values prices be extended to the South Stand?

This package is only available in the Family Stand which is a regulated area specifically targeted and promoted for adults and children. The FV package is designed to attract families to the area with family entertainment.  The North Stand is the lowest cost area of the ground with the best pricing offers like Family Values.

- Why are there no Under 23 match day prices?

For similar reasons to U8 above.

- Can Dean come to a Millbridge meeting?

Boothy has sent possible dates to Dean

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HTSA has taken legal advice and has also consulted the Chair of the Football Supporters Federation, who also represents all supporters on the FA Council.

We have also reviewed the FA’s report into its own commission’s findings in its case against Blackpool FC.  That report is highly critical of Blackpool and contains statements such as:

“There were serious inadequacies in the planning that led up to the match on 2 May 2015. There was strong intelligence available that there would be a pitch incursion and that it would be in the early part of the second half of the match.”

“There was no proper planning as to what would happen in the event that there was a pitch incursion and how to remove people from the pitch.” 

The report also contains the following statement from Blackpool’s Ground Safety Officer:

“It was the policy of the police not to use force to remove people when they were exercising their freedom of speech where there was no violence. For that reason the police decided not to try to arrest or remove spectators from the pitch but rather to let the protest take place and to use only persuasion as means to get them to leave the pitch”   

It is HTSA’s intention to submit a case to the FA, asking for all or part of the fine it imposed on Blackpool FC to be used to refund Town supporters.  This course of action will use the example of the ECB this week in fining Glamorgan CCC for an abandoned match and its intention to use some of that fine to compensate away supporters from Hampshire CCC.

We are hoping to gain the support of Huddersfield Town FC and we will continue to keep our members and other supporters updated.

Please email for further information on HTSA.

The voice of the fans

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“The Magistrate gave his opinion
That no one was really to blame,
And said that he hoped the Ramsbottoms,
Would have further sons to their name.
At that Mother got proper blazing,
“And thank you, sir, kindly,” said she.
“What, waste all our lives raising children,
To feed ruddy Lions? Not me!”

Marriott Edgar

Not since Wallace, the lion, devoured Albert Ramsbottom at its zoo has Blackpool seen such an injustice.  It might be argued that Albert got ‘what was coming’ after he used his “stick with the ‘orses ‘ead ‘andle” to poke Wallace’s ear.  Perhaps Albert had ambitions of becoming a dentist?

But what about the peaceful, law abiding supporters of Huddersfield Town?  They were looking forward to an end-of-season, sea-side safari and a full ninety minutes of football.  What a pity Stanley Holloway was not there to monologue the “som-no-lent posture” of those people responsible for ensuring that the pitch was kept clear of spectators.

Was the invasion unexpected?

  • We understand that Blackpool FC refused to sell tickets to a “neutral supporter” prior to the game on the grounds that the club were expecting ‘trouble’.
  • Police had been informed about the demonstrations being planned for outside the ground.  Using their own ‘intelligence’ was there no indication that the protests might continue inside the ground?
  • Many social media sites were awash with discussions about the intention of some Blackpool supporters to force an abandonment of the game.

When the Police investigation into any criminal wrongdoing is completed it will be interesting to see what contingency plans had been agreed.

The Police may not have considered criminal wrongdoing such as “fraud by false representation” but Town supporters can be assured that HTSA will be investigating every possible avenue in our attempt to gain compensation and full refunds for those supporters who travelled to Blackpool in May of this year.

In July, Kevin Boroduwicz, Secretary of Blackpool Supporters Trust, emailed HTSA anxious to restore the former excellent relations between both sets of supporters.  BST hope, in the not too distant future, to wholly or partly own the club.  If that time arrives they are offering to present 2000 free tickets to Huddersfield fans for the first fixture played at Bloomfield Road.  They would also like to arrange a collection for a charity chosen by Huddersfield Town supporters.  Unfortunately it could be several seasons before Blackpool and Huddersfield are in the same division, but the sentiment is appreciated and HTSA has got a very long memory.

According to the Huddersfield Town website, under Football League rules, the football club has no right to seek compensation for its fans.  That is why an independent supporters association, such as HTSA, is vital when it comes to protecting the interests of all supporters.

This month there are fifty-eight HTSA members whose membership is due to expire.  If you are one of these people please contact HTSA as soon as possible.  If you have not yet joined or your membership has lapsed, please consider joining/renewing.

HTSA is the voice of the fans.
Please help us to make that a loud and clear voice.

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